The Napa County Democratic Central Committee ("NCDCC")is the official arm of the California Democratic Party here in Napa County. There is a Central Committee in each county of the state. The members of the CC are elected by County Supervisor District in the primary every two years. The number of DCC members in each district are set by the numbers of Democratic voters in each district. Napa County has 5 supervisor districts and each district has 4 or 5 Central Committee members. If that all sounds a bit confusing, please watch this:

If that all sounds a bit confusing, please watch this:

The Central Committee's goals are to advance Democratic values and elect Democratic candidates to local, state, and national offices. We do that by endorsing candidates in various elections, fundraising, campaigning (precinct walking, calling, mailing, etc.), attending the state party conventions, recruiting candidates, and any other way that we can think of. We are also responsible for chartering Democratic clubs to further promote our candidates and values, and organize to bring more people into the party.

Learn more here about our chartered clubs. We are looking for active, passionate, can-do workers who are willing to put some time, energy, and, yes, even money into our efforts.

Please help us elect Democrats and fight for Democratic values!

G. Anthony Phillips, chairperson, and Conchita Marusich, vice-chairperson.


Chair: G. Anthony Phillips

Vice-Chair:  Conchita Marusich

Secretary: Terry Beck

Treasurer: Johanna O'Kelley

Communications Officer: Betty Malmgren

Member-at-Large: Kaye Hall

E-Board Rep: Johanna O'Kelley

District One:

Kelly Hurst

Alex Pader

Julie Seiger

District Two:

Buck Donnelly

Betty Malmgren

Conchita Marusich


District Three:

Martha Casselman

Kaye Hall
Alternate: Soren Szczepanek

Eric Knight

Rosaura Segura

Curtis Winslow

District Four:

Marcus Helmer

Tracy Krumpen

Johanna O'Kelley

Ricky Hurtado


District Five:

Mariam Aboudamous
Alternate: Lydia Embry

Leon Garcia

Mark Joseph

G. Anthony Phillips
Alternate: Kathy Phillips

Terry Beck

Ex-Officio Members:

Congressman Mike Thompson
Alternate: Maira Ayala

Senator Bill Dodd
Alternate: Alex Pader

Assemblymember Cecilia Aguiar-Curry
Alternate: Ed Warren

Supervisor Brad Wagenknecht
Alternate: John Sensenbaugh

Supervisor Diane Dillon

Supervisor Belia Ramos

Supervisor Alfredo Pedroza

Supervisor Ryan Gregory

CDP Region 2 Director Lynette Henley

American Canyon Democratic Club Rep:

Democrats of Napa Valley Club Rep: Terry Beck

Napa County Latinx Democratic Club Rep: Ines DeLuna

Napa County Young Democrats:


Mailing address:
P.O. Box 652
Napa, CA 94559