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Napa County Democratic Party

Napa County is comprised of several Democratic organizations. Depending on where you live, you can serve as a Napa County Democratic Central Committee (NCDCC)  member, or join any club of your choosing.

We stand up for senior citizens, the environment, affordable education, health care for all, and equal pay for equal work. We are your neighbors, co-workers, your children’s teachers, members of the LGBTQ community, young Democrats, Immigrants,  Napans, Californians, Americans.


Our goals are to advance Democratic values and elect Democratic candidates to local, state, and national offices. We do that by endorsing candidates in various elections, fundraising, campaigning (precinct walking, phone banking, mailing, texting, registering people to vote etc.), attending the state party conventions, recruiting candidates, and more.  In this day of growing voter suppression, we stand ready to increase voting access in order to protect our Democracy.

Napa County Democratic Central Committee ("NCDCC"):

The official body of the California Democratic Party in Napa County. There is a similar central committee in each county of the state.

To contact the Napa County Democratic Central Committee:

FEC ID: C00504233

FPPC#: 74-1985


Chartered Clubs:

Democrats of Napa Valley Club
President - Johanna O'Kelley